Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FUTURE WORM! - Porthole to the Lizard Hole

Danny and Future Worm stumble across a 1000 year old Spiderian vs. Lizardian war in "Porthole to the Lizard Hole" featuring Andy Daly as Mr. Zarlid, a lizard man disguised as a human teacher whose concealed first purpose is to inspire Danny to fulfill the prophecy of the Gem Force Five. The first image is a rough concept painting to stage the Spiderians vs Lizardians war. I had fun with the idea of it feeling like an entire universe with its own solar system living beneath the local run down school above. Next is Killah-Pilla, Bugs beastly answer to her battlebot problems with the aid of an engine from the future, it comes alive and takes on a mind of its own eventually destroying the town. Since Bug is also into science and building inventions like Danny, we had to distinguish her inventions by making them out of car parts/salvage yard related, where Danny's inventions are mostly made out of household items. Killah-Pilla metamorphosizes into Hank Flappington after Bug and Danny try to put Killah-Pilla down.  This character took some back and forth between Devon Roth and myself in trying to keep what's a complicated character as simplified as possible to animate.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

FUTURE WORM! - GLOOP all day GLOOP all night!

Here it is! Disney XD's "FUTURE WORM!"...the next adventure in making a sci-fi show from scratch...oh season 1's. Let me tell you this boy loves science, "Future Worm" follows 10 year old Danny Douglas, (voiced by Andy Milonakis), whom befriends an ab-assaulting worm from the future, Future Worm, (voiced by James Adomian), skipping across the multiverse in a time travelling lunchbox. Ryan Quincy, (voice of Doug and Robo-Carp) , is our creator in chief, formerly from "South Park" as an animation director, and creator of the IFC series "Out There". When Rick and Morty went on hiatus after season 2, we were informed of an extremely long break between seasons so everyone had to go and find work and thats when I met Ryan and joined the team at Disney. First design above is the Cold Monster virus character that wants to infect everything in its path, we changed the final color for the episode to feel more gross. Next one is the first rough I did for the show, a far out sci-fi cityscape for the Dr. D episode, our lead Bg designer Joey McCormick did the cleanup. GLOOOOOOOPIEEEESSSS! Are Invading and Glooping all over the world!  We had to make an entire race of aliens and their worlds built out of spoiled milk. Above are some gloopy ship concepts, the idea was to interweave the tech plated metal ship underneath with globs of Gloop that have overtaken it. Last is the interior of the gloopy ship, in this sketch I thought it would be cool to show openings in the ceiling where gloopy character could pop through by the hundreds to surround Danny and Future Worm in a final stand for humanity. This episode, 'Captain Cakerz', features Neil deGrasse Tyson or as we like to call him NDT!, as an ongoing character throughout the series guiding Danny and Future Worm with his telekinetic powers and a little help from science.