Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017


A little late on posting these Inktober pieces but I thought they were silly enough to put up. At Squanchtendo we do sketch prompts every week based on a funny title or saying and these drawings are part of us just having fun. First off I always wanted to depict the Santa Ana Winds having grown up in LA my whole life, hot....dry....devil winds (fan art based on a game title you like- sketch prompt- mine was Cuphead inspired). ChhhHHHiiiiIIIiiiPPPpppSSSSsss, chip demon. Next prompt was Hot Dog Jones and did my best at a fake movie poster. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Inktober! Well ok, most of this is digital, but it started on paper with ink so it still counts in my book. First off is Moon Bone? bone moon? cemetery moon? you get the drift, a hollow moon propelled by some mystic energy core was the idea. Next is a spider fairy eating her young. Lastly, beware of Zombie Hog! A new super villain who's pissed by the consumerist holiday of Halloween overshadowing Groundhog day, the original holiday where everybody got dressed up and share treats, is here to reclaim his holiday.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


I was so excited when a friend of mine whom is making a live action horror movie approached me to try something different for a change and try my hand at concepting a night terror demon in a realistic fashion, that will hopefully still use a prosthetic version of this creature in the film. There were many rounds of sketches which eventually were distilled down into a cheaper version of the original design for budgetary reasons. Looking into the subject and the many stories of people waking up feeling held down with unexplained scratches on their skin, or a weight on their chest and hallucinating a shadowy figure appearing above them sound terrifying to say the least. The cultural differences in its folklore are quite fascinating too. The first known oil painting to be depicted of the subject is by an artist Henry Fuseli, "The Nightmare" painted in 1781, which was received with much fanfare at the time and its composition used as a starting point to lampoon political figures of the era.  

Friday, July 7, 2017

Rock n' Roll Suicide - A tribute

So many legends, so little wall space. This is a Mt. Rushmore take on dead rock stars. This previous year claimed one too many of the greats. I lost momentum on a Bowie painting I started but never completed, so this was born...and mostly completed. From Morrison dying in a bathtub or Hendrix choking on his own vomit there are so many mysteries remaining unsolved of all of their untimely deaths. RIP.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

FUTURE WORM! - Future granny Danny lair and the eater of stars Solip Nihilios

Future Granny Danny's lair concept sketch from the 'Assassin Parrot' episode shows off her collection of Danny's from infinite universe's. We came up with at least 120 different Danny's or more, my favorite being poodle Danny or Cosmic Danny. Next one is a rough stomach interior sketch for the "O' Brother Here Art Thou" episode introducing Shucks Hayseed who is a tapeworm feasting on the insides of Danny. At one point Danny starts feeling really sick so within the red stalk forrest I wanted to show some ghastly acid pits. As Danny pounds some Gatorade, red glowing balls descend upon our characters acting as electrolytes. Next are some rough sketchbook pages of mine comped together with the final version of Solip Nihilios, born from a super nova and eater of stars. This took many hands to perfect, and went through dozens of design changes but this was my favorite character of the season by far. He needed to look ethereal, otherworldly, ominous yet still emote softly by episodes end once Paco and Ruby make him develop feelings. And lastly a rough of the gigantic, mutated bunny rabbit as seen in "The World According to Larp".