Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charlie Don't Surf!

This is some development art for a pitch called "G.A.R.Y- One Man Army" I did last year but never posted. It was for a pilot we sold and after 4 rounds of script revisions the network eventually passed. I'm considering pairing up with a publisher to create a graphic novel of the project since we were disappointed with the networks decision. There are 4 of us involved with the creation of this dark and hysterical tale of Gary, the greatest soldier the military has ever known. He took a fall for an epic military blunder and lost it all years ago, but when the military comes calling again Gary is forced out of retirement "one last time" every episode. Forced into mundane life after his discharge, the idea of buying milk at a grocery store makes him rage in public, but when in combat with an apocalypse at his heels his heart rate lowers into a peaceful state. To Gary, explosions are like the sound of wind chimes to a hippy. He keeps things real simple...punch, shoot, explode first, ask questions never.  

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