Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Alien Admissions models

Above are some characters models I made for my Alien Admissions short that we put out just before Christmas. The top sheet are two coked out cuban toucans that run a roach coach in violation of a number of health code violations, only the big guy made it into the short. Below that is Wiggleton, created as another student character in the classroom that also didn't make it into the short unfortunately. He was to be eaten by our Blob character once chaos in the room broke out, only to be regurgitated as a piece of bacon by demand of the principle so she wouldn't lose out on Wiggletons tuition payments.  Lastly is the intention of the cyborg version of Thora I had but this also didn't make it in the short as seen so hopefully when we get to make a couple more episodes then we can address the changes.

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