Sunday, May 17, 2015

Simpsons Couch Gag Rick and Morty Crossover

Well there was an 'accidental' animated murder tonight of one of America's beloved icons, the Simpsons. Rick and Morty invaded Fox tonight and immediately take out the family thanks to Mortys poor driving skills. Rick gathers some Simpsons goo in a vile, a family portrait, and sends Morty to Asteroid city to make a replacement family, only one problem, vile has been compromised with Rick DNA, (a pc way of saying it). I did the first concept of mutated Simpsons characters that stuck, Jack Cusumano added the yellow on the final to tie in the Simpsons original skin color. Carlos Ortega did quite a few key poses to help guide the animation of the mutation which came out beautiful. Next is a concept I designed of the weird alien cattle that produces the Simpson eggs. This was such a fun bit to get to do, luckily Matt Groening is a huge fan of Rick and Morty and was gracious enough to give us the opportunity to do a guest couch gag crossover. So cool! Hope you enjoy it!

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