Tuesday, October 6, 2015

RICK and MORTY - Wedding Squanchers sketches and BG paint

A dramatic ending to an incredibly dark season! I don't know whether to be happy or sad. Originally this episode was arranged as a two parter to end the season with but plans changed and thus, the purge episode was born. The first two concept sketches are for Squanchys world. I thought it would be fun if  the architecture resembled a giant cat toy obstacle course style homes on the beach with colorful above water coral foliage. No one could believe the killing off of the beloved Birdperson, the wedding reception sketch staged his last breath framed by a phoenix symbol banner. Next is a bg paint of the exterior of the wedding reception with afterglow from a Gromflamite ship exhaust on top and finishing touches by Carol Wyatt. The next image is a concept sketch of the PlimPlom tavern exterior I did on top of a Bg that got cut from season one originally painted by Carol Wyatt. I wanted to add a weird membrane hanging from the ceiling that contained some alien jungle juice that transforms into different kinds of alcohol for its patrons in the interior sketch of PlimPlom that you can also see in the glass rooftop in the exterior. Next is a bg paint for the reentry of the Smith family to Earth which Carol took further in the final version and a rough concept sketch of Courier Flaps. After turning himself in, in order to protect his family, Rick is hauled off into a concept painting I did of the federation maximum security prison accompanied by the NIN song "Hurt". I can't believe they got the license to use it, but the song really brought that much more impact to the sequence. We had a few versions of how to play this, but Dan wanted the tone of it to be dire and hopeless. Next is a bg paint of the exterior of the federation prison with some finishing touches from Yaoyao Ma Van As. As difficult as this show was to manage, we really hit our stride this year and never have I been so fond of the material we worked on. In the fine words of MPB- "See you in a year and a half!"

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