Wednesday, September 7, 2016

FUTURE WORM! - The End of Time Concepts

Danny and Future Worm go so far into the future until they reach the 'End of Time', where all information has collapsed into a singularity in seek of wisdom from "You Know It!" the End of Time played by Ron Funches. We first see the second image, where the universe ends at a black hole which at first is meant to mislead the audience into thinking its an mysteriously ominous place to be when they portal through the white light into The End of Time's bachelor pad apartment for some grilled sandies' to lighten the mood. I did a rough mock up of the black hole exterior and Joey McCormick did the clean up of the black hole Bg helping add in some alien occult symbols moving like Saturn's rings around the gridded ground plane, this is still the rough paint I did to get the concept across, not final paint. The first image is of the End of Times' kitchen in space which I liked the idea of still seeing space spin around outside of the kitchen so theres always a grandiose movement of the universe outside. Last is the character 'The End of Time', I had fun exploring what this character could be. Devon Roth worked out the final body shape with a photorealistic space card for his body color.  We landed on the top right for the episode with a globe of meridians spinning inside, my personal favorite is still the lazier looking one in sweatpants. I just liked the idea that heres a character with a lot of time to kill at the end of space and time just hanging in a crappy apartment exposed to the elements freely floating in space.   

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