Sunday, June 28, 2015

RICK and MORTY - Season 2 Publicity Art

The wait is almost over for season 2 to come out and I swear it was worth the time. Adult Swim had made their choices for the billboard art this year, but I still wanted to make an original publicity piece that reflected how intense this season is, bar has been raised. This is a piece that started as a collaboration between our prop artist Brent Noll and myself, we discussed what the story to it should be. Brent did a sketch of everyone hovering around a Rick-made chemical invention in his garage. I wanted to raise the stakes and take it further by seeing some apocalyptic destructive Kaiju creatures outside demolishing civilization, and get some good ol' family fun by involving the whole family defending the house from invasion....and of course all roads of resentment leading to Jerry just for being such a, well,...Jerry. I thought it would be funny to put Jerry in this liquid tube that controls the gunnery contraption that Morty is in by tracking Jerrys arm movements, except he's afraid of everything and shoots up the garage 'accidentally'.  Meanwhile Rick is completely engaged in watching cat videos on You Tube rather than save the world from chaos in an instant because..... it can wait. So I recomposed everything and made a quick rough color version of this and just took it the rest of the way with a little help from Jason Boesch on finishing color touches. Secondly, is a quick sketch I did of an Escher-esque Gromflamite compound as another possibilty for publicity art but didn't make the cut. Can't wait for the premiere of Season 2, July 26th!!!!!

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