Friday, July 31, 2015

RICK and MORTY- A Rickle in Time

We're back!!! Second season premiered last Sunday, so excited for the new season to finally air and for all the whining about the wait to be put to rest! The first episode probably had the least amount of designs to do out of the whole season but the storyboard team sure had their work cut out for them given that it was rewritten and re-boarded so many times in order to make the high concept script easier to track. The first image above is a rough concept of the void outside the garage with an infestation of Shrodingers cats falling into the abyss below with the first version of the time split efx. I did a few animated takes on the time split efx and a few rounds on the testicle time lord monster before we landed on the final look but after that there wasn't much for design to tackle. The next image is skateboard art I did for the season 2 premiere party gift to the crew. It highlights characters from an upcoming episode that should rival the interest of the meeseeks episode from season one. Everyone was really excited to get these as much as I was.

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  1. I have seen its first season also!! That was fun to see. Thanks for sharing about its second season premier here. I will try to get more information about that!! Do you know I am going to attend premier event at famous event space Chicago with my family.