Monday, September 14, 2015

RICK and MORTY - Big Trouble in LIttle Sanchez concept sketches

Tiny Rick! This was one of the crews favorite episodes and most manageable production wise, and its always nice to see Jerry and Beth work out some of their troubled marriage and actually have a fond moment once in awhile even though Tiny Rick steals the show. The first character Glaxo Slimslom was played by Jim Rash, we wanted him to come off like a soothing host at first but give him enough facial space for big expressions when shit hits the fan, I love the simple nacho shaped head. Next is the coveted XenoBeth, this was a collaborative effort with Maximus Paulsen, Gerry Galang and myself. This was by far the most complex character of the season, and it took many rounds to simplify her enough to not be a complete nightmare to animate, Max and Gerry did a few versions and then I did these roughs to get her on track. Her mouth was probably the most complicated mouth we've done to date and still took some time to refine. Next are my takes on Worm Jerry, ewww. For both characters we tried to work their stock colors into their new half breed bodies. The Nuptia 4 world was inspired by a hotel in St Tropez that has bubble structures overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The mythologue therapy lab was a tricky one because it still needed to come off as a relaxing resort juxtaposed with making the most awful monster version of its guests. We played up the idea of their world being crystal powered and when everything goes dark the back up emergency lighted version of the crystals come on. Lastly is a first pass of the individual battle pits lined along the hall of mythologoues that the guests monster versions of themselves tear each other apart in, all of which was refined further by the BG and color team.

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  1. Hi! Great blog!! I loved your sketches! Thanks for sharing! :)