Wednesday, September 23, 2015

RICK and MORTY - Interdimensional Cable 2:Tempting Fate - Concept Sketches

Jerry's quest to make everyone like him goes horribly wrong when faced with giving up his wiener in order to keep the most important being in the universe alive in an alien hospital. For the backgrounds we decided to give it a clean look, similar to an apple product. The first sketch is the St Gloopy Noops waiting room where Rick rigs an alien cable box to watch improvised commercials. The next one is the courtyard area where Jerrys press conference is staged. Last but not least is the old reptile played by Werner Herzog, his epic monologue about human culture revolving around the penis had the crew in stitches and disbelief that he decided to do the role.

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  1. Hey, I really like the second picture of the space station on this page and was wondering if I could use it on my website titled "The Interdimensional Marketplace". Willing to pay.