Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rick and Morty - Lawnmower Dog

I received a last minute request to put a cover together for Animation magazine featuring a story on Rick and Morty. This was based on a scene boarded by Juan MezaLeon in a future episode, a bg by Jeff Mertz that was colored by Jason Boesch. I had to recompose our existing demon characters (can anyone recognize them?) which set the tone for Rick and Mortys attitude expression, can't wait to hold it! Next is Snuffles, Mortys dog, who becomes Snowball in the exoskeleton who takes over the world in order to castrate the human race. Snowball was one of the first designs I did along with this walk cycle. The bg sketch was an early concept drawing I did for Snowballs palace that was almost cut from the show. The original Snuffles was based on Justin Roilands 3 pups who joined us most of every day in the office. Next is Scary Terry, a legally safe knock off of Freddy Krueger, they even joke about it in the episode. The one on the left is the first drawing I did for R+M. We had to change his knife hands into small swords to achieve part of the safe knock off. I suggested the idea to give him a testicle chin that would undulate as he talks.

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