Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rick and Morty - Color Sketches

The top 5 are quick rough concept sketches providing a starting off point for the design and color palette to get the mood of a sequence and get the conversation started. The top one is my favorite, the ending to the Love potion #9 episode in what looks like a hopeless post apocalyptic world. The next one was for Anatomy Park, a first attempt at the haunted liver, the stringy meatball looking monster was the start to what became of the tuberculosis character. The spaceship rough was started on the shape of a dumbell and ended up being the final ship design. The Rick and Morty cronenbergs were so fun to make and were some of the first couple to be nailed down. We figured out early on that it would be intriguing if the cronenbergs were an amalgamation of various elements, i.e. what would your grandmother mixed with a baby and an alley cat look like, possibilities are endless, some of the seasons best characters were generated for that episode based on that idea. Next are some quick initial roughs of Prince Nebulon played by David Cross, the one second to the left was the jumping off point for the final design.  

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